our mission

We help clinicians keep up with developments in their patients on a continuous basis. We do this by providing objective measures of health conditions gleaned from video calls between their patients and our AI system.

The number of clinicians around the world is shrinking; our service allows this shrinking pool of clinicians to take on a greater number of patients and get more frequent, quantitative updates about them than has been possible before.

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Modality.AI interacts conversationally with the patient through dialogue and video to provide health assessment anywhere and anytime. Our system analyzes our multimodal data which allows for continuous screening and assessing of patients’ health.

Modality.AI is a HIPAA-compliant platform fulfilling all requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Our staff members are HIPAA certified to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of our patient’s data. We guarantee Protected Health Information.

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