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"I thought the [Modality virtual agent] was great. It was personal but not too personal. Felt very natural."

"I liked it. The [virtual agent] felt personable and her voice was comforting. I actually liked sharing my thoughts with it."

"It was really fun actually. The [virtual agent] is just so positive! She would say ‘very good’ or ‘that is great’, and I'm sitting by myself at my desk going ‘awww, thank you’."

"I’ve found that taking directions from their AI [virtual agent] is sooo easy. Her voice reminds me of my kindly 3rd-grade teacher."

"I’ll admit I’m taking advantage of the study to add to my weekly practice of speaking out loud. These sessions are helping me learn to better manage and hopefully save what little voice I have."

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The Modality Team is so grateful to our users. Thank you and our best wishes to you in your health journeys.

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