Assess neurological conditions through multimodal AI

Making successful remote healthcare a reality now.

Modality.AI provides a clinically-validated and HIPAA-compliant conversational AI system. While patients stay safely at home, speech and facial responses are monitored through browser-based video calls. The Modality interface enables consent-based automated remote patient monitoring and trend analysis for therapeutic, diagnostic, or research purposes.

The Modality conversational AI system is capable of effectively monitoring neurologic and mental conditions - frequently, automatically, accurately, consistently - providing data that is reviewable that day or over time by clinicians or researchers. This robust data can also be used to reveal the effectiveness of treatments, paving the way for increasingly efficient, effective and less costly clinical trials.

Modality's core technology is being developed by top engineers in conversational AI, in collaboration with clinicians and researchers at UCSF, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and other world-leading institutions.

Modality is currently involved in several IRB-approved clinical studies. Already, applications for ALS, Parkinson’s, Autism, Depression, and Anxiety have been created using the Modality platform, and many others are under development. Our indication pipeline includes Alzheimer's Disease, Schizophrenia, and Post-Stroke Impairment.

Notably, the Modality conversational AI system can be of genuine use now as the world finds itself rapidly changing. Covid-19 has laid bare the reality that in-person patient visits and inconsistent patient monitoring will not be a sustainable approach. Doctors are doing at least 50% of their appointments through telemedicine now, while lower reimbursements are pushing many toward insolvency.

Solutions in healthcare are needed. Strategic planning and investment is rapidly evolving to ramp up effective innovation in telehealth.

Modality is already over a year into creating such a solution, enhancing our capabilities continuously. We are unique in currently having a system being robustly tested and touted by highly respected and experienced healthcare research partners.

All of which makes Modality.AI ready to launch into the next phase of getting help out there to those who need it, sooner than later…

We wish you good health and well-being.

- The Modality.AI Team -

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