Self-Guided Clinical Assessments

Modality.AI, Inc. has developed the first automated, clinically validated, multimodal system to assess neurological and psychiatric states, in clinic and remotely.

Modality's conversational AI system monitors neurological and psychiatric conditions: frequently, automatically, accurately, and consistently. Researchers and clinicians can now review data in near real-time and monitor treatment response over time, paving the way for more efficient, effective, and less costly clinical trials.

Modality.AI system in action

Modality was founded by a team of world-class AI / Machine Learning experts. We collaborate with clinicians and researchers at world-leading institutions such as UCSF, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Purdue, and Charité in Germany. Our clients range from biotech startups to two of the top ten pharmaceutical companies. 

Numerous IRB-approved research studies and FDA clinical trial sponsors have chosen the Modality platform to assess indications including ALS, Parkinson’s, and depression. Our pipeline includes autism, Huntington's Disease, schizophrenia, and mild cognitive impairment.

As a clinically validated and HIPAA-compliant system, participants can now be monitored conveniently at home, while speech and facial responses are streamed and analyzed. Modality makes it possible to assess patients and participants objectively without installing any special software or apps. Modality works on computers, tablets, and smartphones - just about any device with a browser, webcam, and microphone. 

We invite you to experience the Modality platform:
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