Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) 


Towards Scalable Remote Assessment of Mild Cognitive Impairment Via Multimodal Dialog 

O. Roesler, J. Liscombe, M. Neumann, H. Kothare, A. Hosamath, L. Arbatti, D. Habberstad, C. Suendermann-Oeft, M. Bartlett, C. Zhang, N. Sukhdev, K. Wilms, A. Badathala, S. Istas, S. Ruhmel, B. Hansen, M. Hannan, D. Henley, A. Wallace, I. Shoulson, D. Suendermann-Oeft and V. Ramanarayanan

MCI / MODALITY PLATFORM  | International Workshop on Spoken Dialog Systems 2023

Towards Integrating Eye-Gaze Tracking Into A Multimodal Dialog Agent For Remote Patient Assessment

D. Tisdale, J. Liscombe, D. Pautler and V. Ramanarayanan

MCI  |  Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS) 2022

On The Feasibility of Remotely Administered and Self Driven Cognitive Assessments Using a Multimodal Dialog Agent

W. Burke, D. Pautler, H. Kothare, D. Habberstad, O. Roesler, M. Neumann, J. Liscombe, A. Cornish, D. Suendermann-Oeft and V. Ramanarayanan