Modality R&D

R&D / MODALITY PLATFORM  | International Workshop on Spoken Dialog Systems 2023

Pathology-Specific Settings For Voice Activity Detection in a Multimodal Dialog Agent For Digital Health Monitoring 

J. Liscombe, H. Kothare, M. Neumann, D. Pautler, and V. Ramanarayanan

R&D  | International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction 2022

Ethical Awareness in Paralinguistics: A Taxonomy of Applications

A. Batliner, M. Neumann, F. Burkhardt, A. Baird, S. Meyer, N. Thang Vu and B. W. Schuller

R&D  |  Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups 2022

Speech as a Biomarker: Opportunities, Interpretability, and Challenges

V. Ramanarayanan, A. Lammert, H. Rowe, T. F. Quatieri and J. R. Green

R&D / MODALITY PLATFORM  |  12th International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP) 2020

Remote Monitoring of Respiratory Function Using a Cloud-Based Multimodal Dialogue System

H. Kothare and V. Ramanarayanan

R&D / MODALITY PLATFORM  |  21st Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (Interspeech) 2020

Toward Remote Patient Monitoring of Speech, Video, Cognitive and Respiratory Biomarkers Using Multimodal Dialog Technology

V. Ramanarayanan, O. Roesler, M. Neumann, D. Pautler, D. Habberstad, A. Cornish, H. Kothare, V. Murali, J. Liscombe, D. Schnelle-Walka, P. Lange, and D. Suendermann-Oeft

R&D  |  Motor Speech Conference 2020

Leveraging Multimodal Dialog Technologies & AI/ML for Patient Health Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Intervention

V. Ramanarayanan, D. Suendermann-Oeft, D. Pautler, O. Roesler, J. Liscombe, M. Neumann, D. Habberstad, and A. Cornish